Advantech Embedded Computers ARK-1124C-3S51

Highlights: Industrial Intel® Celeron® Embedded PC with Mini-PCIe, 4 Serial Ports and Modular iDoor Expansion Features: Intel Celeron N3350 Dual Core SoC processor Features 4GB DDR3 Memory Supports 1 x full-size miniPCIe for communication module 4 x RS-232/422/485 -20 ~ 60°C extended operating temperature Advantech iDoor module compatible (Dual Layer)

Advantech Embedded Chassis IPC-7132MB-00XE

Highlights: Rugged chassis supports ATX/mATX Motherboards (10 slot Backplane version optional) Shock-resistant to hold one 5.25″ ODD and three 3.5″ HDD Support optional two 2.5″ HDD within one 3.5″ mobile HDD tray Thumb-screw design for top cover opening easily Optional PS/2 300W/400W power supply Bi-directional options to mount chassis on the wall or workbench

Advantech Embedded Chassis IPC-6806WB-30ZBE

Highlights: Three models with different sizes to support various industrial applications Versatile 6-slot backplane options Supports front USB interface (IPC-6806S and IPC-6806W) Ideally equipped with a front-mount 5.25″ drive bay for a CD-ROM Streamlined filtered airflow 300W ATX power supply included

Advantech Embedded Chassis IPC-6806S-25DE

Highlights: Features one hot-swap 2.5” HDD bay Two front accessible USB 2.0 ports Support 6-slot PICMG 1.3/1.0 backplane Easy maintain system fan and filter Supports Advantech PCA-6000 Series and PCE-3000 Series Half-Sized Slot SBCs Power Supply options include 80 PLUS RPS and more

Swivellink Standard AFSB-3TSL-0610

Key Features The Standard Telescoping Link can be adjusted from 6″ to 10″  to center of ball ends. The hole in the center allows cable and hose routing to run thru the Telescoping link.

Swivellink Standard AFSB-1-15

Key Features The imperial (AFSB-1-15) ball base has a hole pattern to fit standard T-slot aluminum extrusions and the base profile is the same width as the aluminum extrusion. The through hole in the ball base can be used for routing wires, cables, or small hoses. There is an exit groove out the side of … Continued

Imperx Cheetah CameraLink CXP-C2880

Highlights: The C2880 incorporates the ON Semiconductor KAC-06040 CMOS image sensor with a native resolution of 2832 x 2128 in a 1” optical format. The GenICamTM compliant camera delivers up to 160 frames per second in either global or rolling shutter mode using the 2-channel CoaXPress® (CXP) interface.

Advantech Embedded Chassis IPC-6608BP-00E

Highlights: Bidirectional options to mount the chassis on the wall or workbench Equipped with an 8/6-slot ISA or ISA/PCI backplane to hold eight full-length cards Two/One front accessed 5.25″ disk drives and one 3.5″ FDD High-speed cooling fan supports abundant cooling and streamlined ventilation Shockproof disk drive bay design for industrial applications

Advantech Embedded Chassis IPC-6606BP-00XE

Highlights: Cost-effective wallmount/desktop IPC chassis for 5-6 Slot PICMG backplane architecture Bidirectional options to mount the chassis on the wall or workbench Accepts up to 5 ISA/PCI full-length peripheral cards One 5.25″ and one 3.5″ front-accessible drive bays, plus one internal 3.5″ drive bay One 53-CFM cooling fan with air filter 250 W and 300 … Continued

Advantech Embedded Chassis IPC-6006S-BAREE

Highlights: Optimized open-frame card cage design for embedded systems Adjustable hold-down clamp protects cards from vibration Plug-in termination resistors for high-speed signals Terminal-block connectors supply power from board Supports 6-slot backplanes Mounting holes provided for installing one PS/2 power supply, one 3.5″ HDD, and one cooling fan