Basler PowerPack for Microscopy Pulse 1.2 MP


Basler’s digital microscope cameras provide top image quality in real-time, outstanding color reproduction and fidelity, and a high dynamic range. These are prerequisites essential for reproducible, detailed observation, differentiation and analysis of the most delicate structures in materials or biological samples. The Basler Microscopy pulse cameras with resolutions between 1.2 MP and 5 MP come with USB 3.0 as standard interface. The established ON Semiconductor CMOS sensor technology offers accurate and reproducible results for a broad range of standard light microscopy applications.


The Basler Microscopy pulse 1.2 MP camera with ON Semiconductor CMOS sensor delivers 54 fps at 1.2 MP resolution.

Components Included:

  • Camera model: Microscopy pulse 1.2 MP
  • Cable: Cable USB 3.0, Micro B 90° R2 / A, 3m
  • Lens Accessories: CS-mount to C-mount adapter
  • Software: Basler Microscopy Software, Basler Video Recording Software

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