EVT develops senor-, CPU- and I/O-boards, as well as OEM systems according to customer request and application. Together with the EyeVision software the module offers an interface between the image processing system and the production machine. EVT offers you the realization of your solution with:

  • Various hardware platforms and libraries
  • EyeVision Standard software


  • 4 In- and 4 Outputs or 12 In- and 12 Outputs
  • RS232, USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • 24 V connector
  • RS232 parameter can be configured via USB
  • Optional top hat rail housing
EVT Eye Vision Technology (Embedded)
EVT EyeMIO – SPS-IO-Modul-Photo-1
EVT EyeMIO – SPS-IO-Modul-Photo-2
EVT EyeMIO – SPS-IO-Modul-Photo-3
  • EVT EyeMIO – SPS-IO-Modul-Photo-thumb-1
  • EVT EyeMIO – SPS-IO-Modul-Photo-thumb-2
  • EVT EyeMIO – SPS-IO-Modul-Photo-thumb-3

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