Flir IR lens f=30 mm (15°)


The 15° lens is a popular lens accessory and provides 1.7× magnification compared to the standard lens. Ideal for small or distant targets such as overhead power lines.

Applicable Products:

48201-1001; FLIR A300
42701-1001; FLIR A300 (9 Hz)
48201-1101; FLIR A310
42701-1101; FLIR A310 (9 Hz)
48001-1101; FLIR A315
42901-1101; FLIR A315 (9 Hz)
48201-1201; FLIR A320 Tempscreen
42701-1201; FLIR A320 Tempscreen (9 Hz)
48001-1001; FLIR A325sc

Product Specifications

FLIR (Lenses)
Flir IR lens f=30 mm (15°)

Available Variations

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