Flir IR lens f=76 mm (6°)


A narrow FOV is used in applications where the object that is going to be monitored is remote from the camera or when the camera needs to be far away from the object due to for an example high temperatures.

Applicable Products:

48201-1001; FLIR A300
42701-1001; FLIR A300 (9 Hz)
48201-1101; FLIR A310
42701-1101; FLIR A310 (9 Hz)
48001-1101; FLIR A315
42901-1101; FLIR A315 (9 Hz)
48201-1201; FLIR A320 Tempscreen
42701-1201; FLIR A320 Tempscreen (9 Hz)
48001-1001; FLIR A325sc

Product Specifications

FLIR (Lenses)
Flir IR lens f=76 mm (6°)

Available Variations

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