Greateyes Vision Software


The greateyes Vision software Suite provides access to all camera functionalities. It includes comprehensive visualization, analysis and storage options and supports important features such as wavelength and geometric calibration, crop and burst modes and various file formats. The software runs on 32/64 bit Windows systems. For integration into other systems, a SDK and driver are available.

  • Supports crop and burst readout modes for higher frame rates and precise time resolution
  • Supports flexible horizontal and vertical binning
  • Wavelength and geometric calibration
  • Various file formats: JPG, BMP, TXT, TIFF (16 bit), DAT raw data
  • Many drivers available for integration into other systems
  • Language support in English and German
  • Comprehensive visualization and image manipulation routines
  • Runs on 32/64 bit Windows systems

Product Specifications

Greateyes Vision Software

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