KAYA Instruments JetCam 160


  • 16 Megapixel up to 300+ fps
  • 40 Gbps fiber optic interface
  •  25 Gbps CoaXPress
  • Up to 10 km cable length
  • 3G SDI output for local monitor
  •  Nikon F mount with integrated lens control
  • B4 2/3′ mount with integrated lens control
  •  Compatible with KAYA Vision Point™ SDK
  •  Compatible with KAYA Komodo™ Frame Grabbers
  •  Customization as per user requirements


JetCam 160 is high speed low-cost global shutter CMOS camera with Fiber or CoaXPress interfaces which supports 16 Megapixels (4704 x 3424) high-quality video at rates to 300+fps.

The camera incorporates 10µm global shutter sensor and a direct lens control without the need of external devices. With compact outline and low power design, this camera can be fitted into tight spaces. The 3G SDI output enables connection of local monitor as a viewfinder or an installation aid.


  • High-speed machine vision
  • Motion analysis
  • Broadcast
  • Traffic control
  • Industrial inspection markets

Product Specifications

KAYA Instruments (Cameras)
KAYA Instruments JetCam 160-Photo-1
KAYA Instruments JetCam 160-Photo-2
KAYA Instruments JetCam 160-Photo-3
  • KAYA Instruments JetCam 160-Photo-thumb-1
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