MidOpt Triple Bandpass Green+Red+850nm NIR TB550/660/850


MidOpt triple bandpass filters are primarily designed for aerial agriculture mapping and surveying purposes. Green-Red-Near IR data is used for applications where Chlorophyll Vegetation Index (CVI) and other vegetative index monitoring is preferred. TB550/660/850 filters, when mounted in converted consumer cameras, can help in achieving a more affordable, lightweight alternative to systems using three or more cameras or sensors. Some of the formulas that are employed in these cases include:

Chlorophyll Vegetation Index
CVI = (NIR * Red) / (Green ^ 2)
Normalized Green
NG = Green / (NIR + Red + Green)
Normalized Near Infrared
NNIR = NIR / (NIR + Red + Green)
Normalised Red
NR = Red / (NIR + Red + Green)
Triangular Vegetation Index
TVI =0.5 * (120 * (NIR – Green) – 200 * (Red – Green))

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Midopt (Filters)
MidOpt Triple Bandpass Green+Red+850nm NIR TB550/660/850-Photo-1

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