Tamron Board-Mount DE005N0

1/1.8″ 15-50mm F/1.4

Development Concept

Tamron has been long recognized as an innovative source for mega-pixel lenses for critical ITS applications, affording them keen insight into industry needs and trends. Trending steadily higher are projections for the worldwide number of installed ITS cameras. Increasing in concert with forecasted camera count is growing demand for substantially higher ITS installation versatility—without compromise in optical performance.As part of an ongoing initiative to serve this dynamic market, Tamron has developed a new 1/1.8”, 15-50mm, F/1.4 zoom lens featuring a continuous range of focal lengths which includes the most widely used angles of view for traffic surveillance.Common ITS installations now suffer from considerable limitation when they combine an FA camera with a fixed-focal-length lens. Because fixed focal length lenses offer a single angle of view, changes in the output view can be achieved only by physically changing the camera’s mounting location. Instead, Tamron’s new 1/1.8”, 15-50mm, F/1.4 lens with remote zoom and focus delivers remarkable versatility while resolving many installation challenges. A compact design enables PTZ dome installations, making the Tamron DE005 3 mega-pixel integrated zoom lens ideal for new systems and an efficient means to seamlessly upgrade existing cameras.

Main Features

(1) Ideal Focal Length for Traffic Surveillance

– Rugged and durable construction assures peak performance over an extended life cycle
– Ideal 15-50mm focal length is suitable for license plate recognition, identification of vehicles and individuals
– Designed to match 1/1.8” sensors common to traffic surveillance system cameras
– Accommodates larger imager sizes

(2) Enhanced Versatility

– PTZ dome compatibility. Even while realizing a 50mm telephoto focal length, a 90mm chassis can be accommodated
– Lens-to-camera integration simplifies installation and eliminates back focus adjustment requirements
– Advanced stepping motors enable precise remote control operation and reduce installation time
– Autofocus enabled

(3) Optics Engineered for Low Light Surveillance

– Specialized optical formula minimizes narrowing of aperture at higher zoom ratios
– F/1.4 is achievable from 15-35mm and F/1.6 at 50mm
– Outstanding image integrity is realized by eliminating color smear and diminishing chromatic aberration

Product Specifications

Tamron Board-Mount DE005N0

Available Variations

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