Tamron Board-Mount DF010N0

1/3″ 3-9mm F/1.2 IR Mega-Pixel DC-Iris Manual Zoom/Focus

Development Concept

In the megapixel-resolution surveillance camera market, demand for compact, built-in cameras is expected to increase with user concern about installation efficiency and cost. In particular, high quality is now in demand even for mini-dome cameras and other common cameras. Tamron has moved out in front of the expanding market for surveillance cameras with more than a megapixel of resolution by developing a built-in varifocal lens compatible with megapixel-resolution cameras and optimum for mini-dome cameras. The vari-focal lens with infrared switching mechanism achieves monitoring with truly high image precision for mini-dome cameras.

Main Features

(1) While maintaining resolution above a megapixel, achieves a standard range of 3.0-9mm, and F/1.2 brightness. Uses Tamron’s proprietary optical design to achieve high resolution and high contrast not only in the center but also in the corner of an image.

(2) Compact design is ready for installation on the common 3-inch mini-dome cameras

-Compact design fits popular 3-inch mini-dome cameras.

(3) Infrared switching mechanism enables 24-hour surveillance.

– Clear image quality even at night and near infrared lighting conditions achieves true 24-hour surveillance.

(4) Further improvement in corner resolution is achieved over earlier model lenses with more than a megapixel in resolution.

(5) Attention is paid to diverse CMOS sensor size in image circle design.

(6) Designed as an environmentally sensitive product.


Product Specifications

Tamron Board-Mount DF010N0

Available Variations

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