Tamron Board-Mount DF010NA

1/3″ 3-9mm F/1.2 IR Mega-Pixel DC-Iris Motorized Zoom/Focus

Development Concept

In the surveillance camera market, demand for all-in-one cameras, such as mini-dome cameras is rapidly increasing largely as a result of easier installation and lower maintenance costs. In recent years, more and more users are also shifting to the megapixel-resolution cameras, a trend that is evident even in the all-in-one camera segment. In direct response to both these growing market demands, Tamron initially developed and launched the Tamron 3.0-9mm F/1.2 (Model DF010) in 2008, its first built-in varifocal IR lens with these advanced specifications. However, megapixel cameras can only function optimally when the focus point is accurately set, which requires extremely precise adjustments. Conventional vari-focal IR lenses must be adjusted manually during installation, a time-consuming process requiring considerable effort and specialized knowledge. Tamron addressed this challenge by developing and launching the new model DF010NA, a lens that provides the same impressive focal-length range and ultra-wide aperture along with automatic zoom and focus adjustment. The new lens substantially reduces installation time and greatly eases the burden on end users. In short, the new DF010NA lens is the ideal optical solution for the most rapidly expanding segments of the surveillance market

Main Features

(1) Automatic zoom and focus function.

– Zoom and focus are adjustable externally after installation of the dome cover.
– Uniform design of the motor and gearbox enables the precise zoom and focus adjustments required with megapixel-resolution cameras.

(2) Compact design is ready for installation on a 3-inch mini-dome camera.

-Compact design fits popular 3-inch mini-dome cameras

(3) Infrared switching mechanism enables 24-hour surveillance.

-Clear image quality even at night and near infrared lighting conditions achieves true 24-hour surveillance.

(4) Further improvement in corner resolution is achieved over earlier model lenses with more than a megapixel in resolution.

(5) Attention is paid to diverse CMOS sensor size in image circle design.

(6) Gear rings on the control ring enable remote control of focus and zoom.

(7) Designed as an environmentally sensitive product.


Product Specifications

Tamron Board-Mount DF010NA

Available Variations

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