Tamron Board-Mount DF010QA3

1/3″ 3-9mm F/1.2 IR Mega-Pixel DC-Iris Motorized Zoom/Focus

Development Concept

Demand for mini-dome and other integrated cameras is on the rise in the security camera market due to their installation efficiency and cost advantages. Recently, the integrated camera market has experienced a shift toward higher image resolutions. Tamron addressed this market need in 2010 with the Model DF010NA, a 3.0-9mm F/1.2 vari-focal lens for integrated cameras with motorized zoom and focus. In addition, the development of image sensors with higher pixel counts has led to a demand for higher definition in monitoring images in various environments. Existing lenses could not fine-tune the iris to match the environment, so image quality degradation due to diffraction at a smaller aperture in bright areas was common. Tamron has addressed this issue with Model DF010QA3, a vari-focal lens with motorized zoom and focus and P-iris technology incorporating a bipolar drive stepper motor for fine-tuning the iris. This enhancement raises the installation efficiency of the integrated megapixel camera and enables the iris to be fine-tuned in order to produce high-definition, high-contrast monitoring images.

Main Features

(1) Stepper motor design allows the precise control of the iris setting.

– There is often a drastic drop in image quality with ordinary lenses due to diffraction phenomenon caused by small apertures. Normally, a galvanometer is used to control the iris of the lens but precise adjustments of the aperture to a desired position were not possible. By using a stepper motor to control the iris, this lens is capable of adjusting the aperture to a position that does not cause diffraction, enabling an appropriate exposure level by utilizing the camera shutter speed.1 The result is the ability to record high-quality, high-contrast images, even in bright outdoor areas. This fine-tune control allows the user to acquire excellent image quality while at the same time achieve good depth of field at most installations.

(2) Motorized zoom and focus.

(3) Realizes standard 3.0-9mm range and F/1.2 aperture along with the megapixel resolution.

(4) Compact design is ready for installation on popular 3-inch mini-dome cameras for use in a wide range of applications.

(5) Infrared switching mechanism provides clear image quality with no focus shift under nighttime near-infrared lighting conditions for true 24-hour surveillance.

(6) Further improvement in peripheral resolution over conventional mega-pixel lenses.

(7) The effective image circle was designed with consideration of the diversity of CMOS sensor sizes.

(8) Environmentally safe design.


Product Specifications

Tamron Board-Mount DF010QA3

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