The Imaging Source SDI-to-USB 3.0 DFG/HDSDI


HD-SDI is a serial, digital interface, primarily designed to transmit uncompressed and unencrypted video data over one or more coaxial cables with BNC connectors at a nominal impedance of 75 ohms. The cabling and connector type are relics from the previous analog video standard. When using high quality cable, the maximum cable length can be up to 100 meters. This USB 3.0 converter supports digital and analog cameras in monochrome and color. The DFG/HDSDI converts digital serial video signals into uncompressed image data streams for USB 3.0 interfaces.


  • SDI-to-USB 3.0 converter
  • Video standard: HD-SDI
  • BNC: 1 input
  • USB 3.0, Type B

Product Specifications

The Imaging Source (Converters)
The Imaging Source SDI-to-USB 3.0 DFG/HDSDI

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