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List of PTZ Products

cameras ResolutionMegapixelFrame Rate
Hitachi USA Indoor Heads PTZ PT-101
PT-101 Pan/tilt range: 358 degrees Pan/tilt speed: 0 to 20 degrees per second, variable Preset accuracy plus or minus: .083 degrees
Hitachi USA Indoor Heads PTZ PT-50
PT-50 Quiet operation using high torque stepper motors Serial RS485 or RS232 control Adjustable preset speeds with proportional speed control
Hitachi USA Indoor Heads PTZ PT-50 SDI
PT-50 SDI Incorporates SDI module in base to provide SMPTE-259M SDI video output Serial RS-485 or RS-232 Control Adjustable End stops & Preset Speeds with Proportional Speed Control
Hitachi USA Controller PTZ PT-C55
PT-C55 Eagle® system compatibility Onboard RISC computer controlled Control of up to eight pan-tilt heads, with a recall of twenty, presets per head
Hitachi USA Outdoor Heads PTZ PT-E350
PT-E350 Pan range: 355 degrees Tilt range: 180 degrees Pan/tilt speed: 0 to 60 degrees per second